Five Stages of Fulfilling Destiny

Purpose of God


Mission Statement

 Ministry Philosophy

Wise Implementation

Genesis 1:26-28 Isaiah 2:1-5 Matthew 16:18-19 Proverbs 29:18        Acts 2:41-47 Habakkuk 2:1-4 Acts 26:16-19 Ephesians 4:11-16 Matthew 28:18-20 John 4:23-24 Matt. 10:38   Luke 14:26-33 Mark 8:34-36  John 8:24-29, 48-58 Proverbs 24:1-6 Matthew 7:24-29 Isaiah 55:9-13 Luke 14:26-33
The purpose of God is found in the old covenant, Prophets and the New Testament books of the Bible. The purpose of God will be fulfilled in the Church, universal body and local body of Christ, ONLY.

It is the last vehicle or instrument.


To assemble together a people committed to New Testament Biblical Principles of Church Life where God has set the members in as it pleases Him, who are knit together through:

A. The teaching of the Word of God, especially the Apostles Doctrine.

B. Holy Spirit led corporate prayer.

C. Corporate praise and worship

D. Fellowship/friendship. People building relationships based on the fruit of the Spirit having good, wholesome natural fun together.

1. Building a local church of 5,000 or more.

2. The governmental principle of elders/pastors, head deacons/deacons.

3. Home Prayer and Bible Study Fellowships.

4. Children and Youth Ministries for all ages.

5. Adult Bible School. Full time, part time and correspondence.

6. Adult teaching and training for leadership and five-fold ministry.

7. Apostolic Ministry of birthing & raising new churches locally and internationally.

8. Evangelization of our city, county and state.

To win the heathen and religious people to Jesus Christ, assimilating them into a committed Body of Spirit-filled believers led by qualified ministers who equip people to fulfill the call and will of God for their lives, resulting in growth, maturity and influence in their community, state, nation and world.

Discipling believers in the four-fold principle of the Christian life.

1. The believer’s

relationship with God.

2. The believer’s fellowship with God.

3. The believers walk with God.

4. The believer’s work with God

A person yielding to the call of God in his life so that no sacrifice relating to that call is too demanding. A personal perspective for one’s life when self and all it’s rights and demands are truly nailed to the cross, and the Lord becomes the center of one’s existence.

A commitment to the body of Christ as seen in the corporate gatherings of a local church governed by Biblical pastors and elders.

Implementing the vision takes wise decision making, planning and most of all Faith. The practical  side is financial resources, staffing and facilities.

Being able by God’s wisdom to effectively count the costs to be

a finisher not just a starter. Being wise men and women who built their houses upon the Rock. (Doing the teachings of Jesus) The doers of God’s Word, not the hearers are blessed by God’s Grace.

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