Pastor Don's Youth Radio Broadcasts

Every Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. PST at

Walk With Christ Gospel Radio

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  Series: Matters Of The Heart

 06-God's Word Equals God's Wisdom                               8/05/15 WPM

 05-Staying On Course With God                                         7/29/15 WPM

 04-Dont Blame, Be Responsible!                                        7/22/15 WPM

 03-The Re-education of God!                                               7/15/15 WPM

 02-The Power Of God's Word!                                              7/08/15 WPM

 01-Knowing Your Heart's Condition!                                    7/01/15 WPM 


  Series: Recognition Or Resistance To Authority

 The Antichrists Of Anarchy Pt-2!                                          6/24/15 WPM 

No Broadcast Today                                                                6/17/15 WPM 

 The Antichrists Of Anarchy!                                                   6/10/15 WPM

 The Origin Of Anarchy!                                                           6/03/15 WPM

 The Truth About Anarchy!                                                      5/27/15 WPM

 God's Divine Order                                                                 5/20/15 WPM

  Keeping Communication Lines Open Pt-2                           5/13/15 WPM

 Keeping Communication Lines Open                                  5/06/15 WPM 

 Setting The Right Example                                                    4/29/15 WPM 

 Defining Acceptance &Tolerance                                          4/22/15 WPM

 Begin With Jesus As Your Lord!                                            4/15/15 WPM 

 Obedience Unlocks Your Blessing!                                      4/08/15 WPM 

 Authority Rewarded Or Punished?                                       4/01/15 WPM

  Submitting To Every Ordinance Of Man!                              3/25/15 WPM 

 Lawlessness Authored By Satan                                          3/18/15 WPM

  The Mystery Of Iniquity Revealed!                                        3/11/15 WPM  





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